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INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 1: WECAN methodological guide

IO1: WECAN methodological guide

Women Entrepreneurs face major obstacles in their entrepreneurial experience in respect to them,Women Entrepreneurs face major obstacles in their entrepreneurial experience in respect to them,but a game approach will empower them with innovative and creative skills that can help them find away forward and the inner strength to face the barriers that impede them starting up a business orgetting into the labour market. Aptitude is an entrepreneurial key element and non-formal educationactivities develop it. Any Women Entrepreneur needs healing their inner child to contribute to a betteremotional-professional balance.

The first output will be composed by a methodological guide that defines and describes the WECANcoaching methodology – both as a stand-alone resource and with a view to underpinning thedevelopment of the Curriculum and Training Materials, and by a Toolkit for Women Empowermentwhich aims to offer a comprehensive list of energizers and icebreakers for WECoaches to train adultwomen (would-be) entrepreneurs through games.

The methodological guide will be based upon 4 pillars:

  1. The use of non-formal and unconventional practices and approaches to engage with adult womenout of employment
  2. The notion of mentoring and coaching as a non-formal and creative learning approach which canenhance women participation in the economic life of the society in which they live
  3. The transversal competences of the European Reference Framework for Lifelong Learning (ERF)
  4. The EntreComp Framework as the main reference framework for the development of entrepreneurialknowledge, skills and attitudes applicable in all spheres of life.

This IO willThis IO will develop basic skills for women who want to become entrepreneurs, which are needed to starting apath of empowerment that will be followed in the next output. It will help to encourage and improvethe capability to act as peer coaches in two levels:

  • 1st: Self-analysis; self-awareness and skill mapping; motivation; goal setting; sense of initiative;
  • 2nd: soft/entrepreneurial skill: Leadership attitude; Active Listening and Communication, Teamwork,Self-management, Problem solving, Stress management, Decision Making ect.

The transferability potential is significant due to the involvement of a partnership highly involved inthe sector and its wide range of stakeholders who will benefit


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